ThornBrain is Really Bad at This
BadAtThis Cover
Released October 28, 2014
Recorded 2009-2011
Genre Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, Noise, Experimental, Ambient
Label ThornBrainMusic
Duration 53:40
Link BandCamp
ThornBrain music chronology
Nobody Cares Unless You're Pretty or Dying
No One Needs Me - The Rest of the Worst (2009-2011)

ThornBrain is Really Bad at This is a compilation of material from the album BlackholeWhitespace, the EP The Right Way to do Everything, and the "Lost Effort" single, all of which were made unavailable due to Futures Passed Free Music shutting down. The compilation takes what Thorn considers to be the best of the recordings and excludes those he dislikes, he felt are extraneous, or are covers of songs he didn't have rights to. The excluded material was released as a separate free compilation: No One Needs Me - The Rest of the Worst (2009-2011).

The album shares its name and concept with Sawtooth's compilation, Sawtooth Is Really Bad At This - The Best Of The Worst (2003​-​2011).


Key: * Originally from BlackholeWhitespace
** Originally from The Right Way to do Everything
*** Originally from "Lost Effort" single

  1. "Count All the Flies in My House" * - 5:40
  2. "There for Me" * - 2:2
  3. "What's Going On" * - 2:29
  4. "Lost Effort" *** - 3:59
  5. "Echo to Canal Street" ** - 8:57
  6. "Tell Us if You've Seen This Guy Before" * - 3:14
  7. "The Flint Robot has a Perfect Day" *** - 2:03
  8. "Dirty Old Ghost Town" * - 2:36
  9. "Hark the Harold" * - 3:48
  10. "Knock Gabriel Knock" ** - 6:59
  11. "I Feel Fantastic" ** - 2:44
  12. "No Effort" *** - 3:57
  13. "The Forgotten One" * - 4:52

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