SFA Song Parodies - The Valentine's Parody (Billy Joel)03:31

SFA Song Parodies - The Valentine's Parody (Billy Joel)

"The Valentine's Parody" is a song parody by Mugiwara Yoshi and ThornBrain of Billy Joel's "The Longest Time". It is the first parody in which Yoshi takes lead vocals, and it is also the first with lyrics co-written by Yoshi. The song art, a modification of the single art from Billy Joel's original, contains a hidden joke; the three men are colored according to Dororo's, Keroro's and Giroro's placements in the stereo mix. The blue man is notably being ignored.

The song was written and recorded shortly after SFA6 for Valentine's Day.

MP3 Download: MediaFire

Song FormatEdit

The sung is sung to a karaoke version of the original. It is sung by Keroro as a Valentine's gift to Tamama, but most of his lyrics are complaints about Valentine's being a worthless, pointless holiday, though a number of the lyrics could simply be an admission that he is a cheap boyfriend, ("Went for Chinese last Valentines Day", "But they were out of glue"). Giroro and Dororo appear sporadically, primarily singing "...the longest-" and "time!" respectively.


Woa, oh, oh, oh

For the longest time

Woa, oh, oh

For the longest

Once I took you to the dollar store

Saw you lick the candy off the floor

While deplorable

It was adorable

Had Hepatitis for the longest time

Went for Chinese last Valentines Day

Ambience was a bit much I'd say

I like Pick-Up-Stix

But hate those fucking crickets

They have been chirping for the longest time

Woa, oh, oh, oh

For the longest time

Woa, oh, oh

For the longest

Then I thought some flowers would be nice

But I remembered the awful price

It's not the right way

Why is this a holiday

Ain't been official for the longest time

Maybe I could spend a bit less

But Giroro makes

Me maintain his dress

Maybe I could buy you one too

I went to the store

But they were out of glue

I'm in love and wish I could say how

But there's a choc'late markup right now

What else can I say

Fuck you, Valentines Day

You have been bullshit for the longest time

I hope I can keep you my life

No one thinks you're male

They think you're my wife

I'm not against that idea

But there's something wrong

You have no vagina

But no matter how the days go by

I will still be staring at your eye

It's looking crusty

I think you need some more sleep

I've kept you awake for the longest time

Woa, oh, oh, oh

For the longest time

Woa, oh, oh

For the longest

Woa, oh, oh

For the longest

Woa, oh, oh

For the longest...

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