Fatty Time
Episode 16
Fatty Time Episode 16 - SNAKES CANNOT PLANE45:54

Fatty Time Episode 16 - SNAKES CANNOT PLANE

Air date 03/26/2010
Length 45:53
Starring ThornBrain
Mugiwara Yoshi
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Of Fuck Off Fatass and Go Play Happy Sack
Mike Teh Emptee DVD Bawx
SNAKES CANNOT PLANE is the sixteenth episode of the Fatty Time podcast. It aired March 26, 2010, and was hosted by ThornBrain, Mugiwara Yoshi and GhostTC. It is the only Fatty Time episode that does not include Fatman, due to him not showing up to the podcast until it was already over.


  • This week's events
  • FATLPs updates
  • Sgt Frog Abridged updates
  • Personal projects
  • Grammar Nazi Thorn
  • Thorn plays some of his auditions
  • Yoshi's Craptastic Story
  • Yoshi sings "Ai no Uta"


  • The podcast takes its name from the Grammar Nazi Thorn segment, which this time involves reading stories by Hans von Hozel.

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