Paper Abridged Episode 1 - The Foldening (April Fool's day)00:26

Paper Abridged Episode 1 - The Foldening (April Fool's day)

Paper Abridged is a 2010 April Fool's joke from TheMidnightFrogs. The entire video consists of ThornBrain recording his hands from behind his webcam (a'la Ashens) as he folds a piece of paper, hence "abridging" it. Thorn acknowledges the joke with a simple "ha!". Mugiwara Yoshi came up with the joke, and the video was recorded by Thorn.


  • Thorn also sees the joke as a play on his immediate interpretation of the title "Air Abridged", which comes across on first glance as literally abridging air.
  • The intro music is a clip of "This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us" by Sparks. Thorn would go on to use and reference Sparks frequently in the team's videos.
  • The video is referenced in the intro to the team's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Abridged, wherein the joke title sequence is recorded similarly to Paper Abridged.

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