No One/Needs Me
Released April 23, 2011
Recorded December 2010
Genre Noise
The Right Way to do Everything
"Lost Effort"
"Echo to Canal Street"

"No One" and "Needs Me" are two songs written by Austin Scholl and released under his alias ThornBrain. They are the noise-based bookends to The Right Way to do Everything EP, based on amplified microphone static run through a phaser. Vocals are spoken through a vocoder, first as a title drop for the EP, then to read a poem about religion-based persecution of queer people.

After Futures Passed Free Music shut down, making The Right Way to do Everything unavailable, the two tracks were added as the namesakes and bookends of the 2014 compilation, No One Needs Me - The Rest of the Worst (2009-2011).


What's the right way to do everything

Dip in the water
Given more time
Do not forsake me
Victimless crime
Buried in story
Trapped and not free
I am the lover
No one needs me

What's the right way to do everything

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