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How I Caught Your Mother
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Mugiwara Yoshi


Mugiwara Yoshi

Written By

Mugiwara Yoshi


06/30/2016 - Present




TheMidnightFrogs' YouTube channel

How I Caught Your Mother is a four-part abridged miniseries of the Pokemon Origins specials, created by ThornBrain and Mugiwara Yoshi and developed by TheMidnightFrogs. The title is a parody of How I Met Your Mother, and the show follows young Pokemon trainer Red as he recalls his journey to become a Pokemon master.

Cast and Crew

  • ThornBrain - Co-creator, Writer, Editor, Voice director. Voice of Green, Grandpa, various extras
  • Mugiwara Yoshi - Co-creator, Writer. Voice of Red, various extras
  • BigTUnit1 - Writer. Voice of Green Grunt, Blue Grunt, Marowak, various extras
  • LillyLivers - Voice of Cubone, various extras
  • JigglyJacob - Voice of Sam, various extras
  • Shadow - Voice of Mom

Episode Listing

  • Episode 1 - (June 30, 2016) - Red, an orphan bumming around Lavender Town, gets adopted by a family of incredibly broken people. He gets tasked with bringing his new mother's father home from the graveyard tower, which has been overtaken by Team Rocket and a vengeful ghost. Credits song is "Come and Catch Your Love".

Series History

Yoshi and Thorn planned to abridge Pokemon Origins as early as its release in October 2013. Despite saying that they would at multiple points on TheMidnightFrogs Podcast starting with Podcast 33, "Sonic!", Yoshi and BigTUnit1's heavy work and school schedules prevented anything from forming for years. In June 2016, abridging group Team Four Star, best known for Dragonball Z Abridged and for being a collective of the most well-known abridgers, announced an abridging contest, the Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgathon, that would last until the end of the month. Thorn was interested in making a video for TIBA, and he thought it was a good excuse to finally abridge Origins; Yoshi was on board as long as they went with Origins, and Travis had previously mentioned a desire to abridge a Pokemon video (he wasn't available to work on PMDA: Fire Red Version). Thorn also wanted to take the opportunity to make the video as a 10,000 YouTube subscriber special.

The miniseries was originally planned as a one-shot until the contest announcement, wherein the rules stated that the video had to be under 10 minutes, and Origins is an hour-and-a-half in total length. Thorn, Yoshi and Travis's brainstorming for the special was so fruitful that they decided to abridge each individual episode on its own; they would submit the first episode to the contest and abridge the rest later. The first episode was written and assembled throughout June 2016 and then uploaded on the 30th.

The episode ultimately placed at #7 in the contest.

Additional Trivia

  • The title of the series came from an off-hand comment by Yoshi during brainstorming, when Travis mistakenly thought that Red was going to try to capture Marowak. Thorn liked it as a title, though it didn't have any connection to How I Met Your Mother until Yoshi described how every episode of the sitcom starts with a narration.

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